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Why Kennington CompuDoc for all your IT Needs?

These are a selection of a few customers who know what it means to have excellent customer service.

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Case Study 1
My Computer was running slow and I tried to get it seen to by others but they could not diagnsose the fault. I called Kennington Compudoc who promptly answered the phone and arranged to come and look at my PC. After a few clicks my PC was running faster than new. Thank You Kennington Compudoc.

Case Study 2
I run a Mercedes Approved car bodyshop and I had issues with my networks and e-mail servers. Kennington Compudoc promptly rectified all network issues and tweaked the e-mail servers to cope with the huge demand. Also they designed and built an excellent web site. You're the best Kennington Compudoc!

Case Study 3
I have had various geeks sort out my computer but to no avail - it keeps slowing down... Called Kennington Compudoc who diagnosed the R.A.I.D configuration issues and now it runs faster then ever. Great stuff Kennington Compudoc!

Case Study 4
My Laptop would keep crashing and I took it to pc w***ld and they inisisted that I needed to reinstall windows at the risk of losing all my data. So I called Kennington Compudoc and they diagnosed the faulty RAM and so the laptop is repaired without losing my data!!. Other companies could cost you!

Case Study 5
I run a business and have computers and data that needed to be backed up securely. Kennington Compudoc were friendly, honest and reliable. I will certainly do business with them again.

Case Study 6
The office environment used to be very difficult to work in due to the noise my workstations were producing. So I called Kennington Compudoc who provided new eco friendly machines which has reduced the noise and my electricity bill. What a result! Thanks again.....